contentmarketing gezichten
contentmarketing gezichten

The many faces of content marketing

Content marketing means creating “content” that ensures you reach people. How will you get your audience to notice your message or product? How do you engage and interact with them? High time to take a look at the many options at your disposal.

Challenge them

Content is everything you can possibly imagine that you might spread online or through print. Text, videos, podcasts—you name it. The magic happens as soon as you manage to infuse it with whatever it is your company has to offer. In this way we were able to use the mediagenic side of the Dutch women’s handball team in a series of short videos on social media, challenging young fans to all manner of sportive accomplishments.

Go viral with content

And when skeleton athlete Akwasi Frimpong  went to the Winter Olympics in 2018—sponsored by our client Cocoa from Ghana – our video celebrating his “journey to the top” even got aired on CNN. Good content marketing has the ability to go viral. Yet it certainly doesn’t always have to be flashy: it can be just as important to have something to Tweet for a whole year. But where to get hundreds of unique texts? That is when it pays off to have a specialist around, able to extract content from the tiniest details on a website, from maritime insurance to ink dispensing machines.

Use these contentmarketing tips!

Heb je inspiratie gevonden? Wij delen graag enkele tips met je over effectieve contentmarketing:

  • Keep your content simple: you’ll lose your audience if it’s too complicated.
  • Always use images, they draw attention and “say more than a thousand words”.
  • A good piece of content can easily be used multiple times.
  • For instance, write a social media post about a new blog.
  • And don’t hesitate to repeat the message a few weeks later.
  • Or repackage it by writing a new Tweet about it.
  • Are you getting responses? React to them, give your audience some attention.
  • When you write text, make sure it has good SEO (search engine optimization).
  • Make sure to follow your own branding guidelines and strategic goals.
  • Be consistent in your tone and never stop telling your company’s story!

There is much more to tell about content marketing than fits in a small blog like this. For instance, what is the right way to distribute content and which services are worth paying for? How to analyze your content so you will know what works? Hopefully we already gave you some insights. If you’d like to know more, we would love to help you ahead!

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