vuurwer(k) werkwijze werkt met veel wensballonnen
vuurwer(k) werkwijze werkt met veel wensballonnen

Vuurwerk works

Reading the blog posts on our site, you probably have an inkling about how Vuurwerk works. How we dig into our clients’ content strategy. How involved we get with project that make a difference in the world. But what are our methods, precisely? Let’s take a look.

Considered yet flexible

From our office on the Boulevard Heuvelink in Arnhem we help our clients grow by strategically applying content (both online and offline), leads and marketing. Our core team consists of owners Herman Krabbendam and Anita van der Zaag, who have gathered a flexible ring of specialists around them—ready to take on virtually any conceivable project. Whether it’s an app, website, book or magazine, Vuurwerk has the necessary experience and expertise.

The Vuurwerk method

You may have already seen them on the front page: our three tenets. Vuurwerk inspires, communicates, works. With a marketing plan in eight steps. This shows how we do everything according to a considered methodology, and within that we look at our clients’ companies at their broadest. No matter if it’s a new corporate identity  you’re looking for or a strategic move from old to new media, we are ready to critically think along about what it is you truly need.

It start with the ‘why’

An oft-used (but no less effective for it) model is Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle. Start with your company’s “why”, before getting to the “how” and “what”. That goes for the content you place on  your website, social made or trade magazine too. “Why” is your introduction to people who don’t yet know you, their first click to your site. Why is it they should look at you in the first place? That is followed by “how” you do things. At that point, the customer is usually already convinced they ought to deal with you—making the “what” after that merely the formality of your product presentation or filling in a contact form.

Our toolbox

This explains why it is so important to know which phase of the process your customer is in, to optimally respond to them. We use smart software to analyze that and more: Google Analytics for instance, enabling us to measure who visits which pages on your site and for how long. Or Coosto, a tool to manage, measure and increase engagement on your social media accounts.

This field is constantly moving. Take advertising on social media. A few years ago we pulled off growing Cocoa from Ghana with two hundred thousand followers within a year and a half, using a combination of good content and advertisements. Because of the growing market for ads and increasing levels of competition, coupled with shifting algorithms, this never gets any less challenging. You’re never truly done. That is why we keep searching for new ways, means and techniques to reach people. For instance A/B testing and ways to continuously measure and improve your content.

Get ahead

Time to review your own site and channels with a critical eye. What could use improvement when it comes to SEO? Are you still reaching your target audience, do you know which new possibilities are coming into view? We would love to help you get ahead with all these matters, and we’ll do it together. Vuurwerk inspires, communicates and, after all, works.

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