content meten is weten
content meten is weten

To measure is to know on social media

From zero to one hundred thousand enthusiastic followers in six months: how to pull that off? Haphazardly posting on social media won’t get you there anymore. Smart entrepreneurs reach for instruments that help them govern and measure their publications.

The above example isn’t fictional: we achieved this result some years ago for Cocoa From Ghana. An impressive feat, as it was by no means a given that the Dutch-African cocoa trade would garner so much attention. Our social media management and monitoring platform. played an important role in our strategy. This tool enables us to direct our social media output with tremendous accuracy.

Control your brand on social media

Coosto (or similar software) empowers you to govern all posts on your social media channels at once. With the integration of ChatGPT (artificial intelligence) you can even have messages generated for you. Useful, for certain. But its real value is in how we use it to gain insight into which posts do better than others, and analyze the trends and associations surrounding your brand. That’s when you can start deploying content strategically. The dashboard on which this takes place is divided into three tabs: “publish”, “engage” and “listen”. From planning and publishing a post, through the interaction with viewers, to analyzing the statistics.

Whether you do all this on a pc or mobile device really doesn’t make a difference nowadays. You’ll be able to get into the nitty-gritty of all the daily details, but an equally legitimate choice is to pre-plan your publications, so they won’t cost you any time or effort throughout the year. For some clients, we even write and program in a year’s worth of “evergreen” tweets. Social media might not sleep, but a good night’s rest is of course all-important for our customers.

Successful branding is all about imagination 💡
Successful branding is not just about creating an attractive logo and visual identity. It goes much deeper than that.

Vuurwerk works

That makes Coosto fit seamlessly into our way of working: measuring, sharing knowledge with clients and deciding on the strategy together. That independence (also of the social media we use) is key. Which channels to operate and how, with the data in one hand and our creativity in the other. This way of cooperating creates energy and excitement, or as we like to call it, a fire that spreads.
Are you feeling the heat? Just in case you don’t, we would love to help you make the right moves, using Coosto and all the other methods in our toolbox.

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