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Get attention with lead generation

How to pull more visitors to your website?

It might sound like a slightly technical term, “lead generation”, but what it boils down to is how to attract visitors to your website. And that’s exactly what you want to achieve. Needless to say, it should have a place in your marketing plan. In this article we detail exactly how to generate leads.

Anyone looking for information on products and services heads to Google first. No surprise then that the search engine offers the first hits of the query for sale! The way they determine behind the scenes whether or not your company “goes first” is through their Google Ads service. A successful (continuous) ad campaign takes full advantage of this very fact.

Google Ads

What we are basically talking about here is paid search engine marketing. The basis of any successful Google Ads campaign consists of creating the right structure, relevant search words (and excluding irrelevant ones!), writing various marketing texts and picking the right landing pages. Based on your desired goals, we at Vuurwerk always draw up a tangible plan for such a campaign, detailing the results we want to achieve.

Inbound Marketing: Let Customers Come to You 📢

Do you turn off the car radio when noisy commercials come on?
Inbound marketing is the reverse approach: stop pushing and start enticing!

Google Analytics

After you have directed a potential client to your website, it is incredibly useful to know what exactly they do there. This is where Google Analytics comes in. It allows you to measure and analyze the visitor’s activities. Do they stay around to read things or close the site immediately? Do they dig further, and if so—to which pages? When you couple this to campaigns running in Google Ads, you can see exactly which ones are effective and which need improvement. Our advice is to continuously do this; minimizing costs and maximizing the amount of quality visitors to your site.

It is the close cooperation between Google Ads and Analytics that make these two an unmissable element in your online marketing mix.

Our plan of action for lead generation

When Vuurwerk organizes your lead generation, we follow these four steps:

  1. We create a measurement plan with objectives, strategy, and targets.
  2. We set up your first Google Ads campaign(s).
  3. We configure the Google Analytics environment according to your specifications.
  4. Afterwards, management and optimization begin: an ongoing process of feedback and improvement.

Generate more leads for your website?

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