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Which marketing mix to use?

Choose the right marketing tools to reach your audience.

Your service or product is ready to storm the market. But how exactly will your reach your audience? Radio ads, e-mail marketing or YouTube? There is an overwhelming amount of options out there and a company can easily get lost in them if not careful about which fit and which don’t.

With a smart marketing mix, you get the most out of your budget. Your products sell better and your brand recognition grows. If you have already detailed your marketing plan, you should have a clear idea of the strategy, your identity and through that the direction your commercial campaign ought to take. How then to come up with the right idea is another story altogether—one Vuurwerk will also gladly help you out with—but depending on your ideas, you will want to use a different mix of marketing options.

Which marketing options are there, exactly?

Shifting marketing landscape

Worth mentioning is that what works changes from year to year. Especially online, on social media, the audience’s preferences are constantly in flux and can change on a dime. For instance, the arrival of TikTok pulled away most of the youngest users from competing platforms. Because of these shifts, it is crucial to keep a close eye on any trends. That allows you to respond to any changes on the digital market or new developments in the world of advertising.

Choose the right tools for your marketing

As a creative branding, storytelling and marketing bureau, Vuurwerk specializes in planning and executing the perfect campaign. Reach out to us here for all your marketing needs!

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