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Start an image bank

Creating an image bank helps to maintain your identity and produce content faster than before.

At some point, your organization accumulates a sizable collection of images, design elements, photographs and videos—meant for your website, social media or printed ads. This can quickly grow into a cluttered mess, especially when it’s spread across dozens of computers and multiple employees need to use it. How to manage this? By creating an image bank.

In its simplest form, an image bank is a digital archive (either online or on your private network) storing all your images, ready for use. An elegant solution. Not only does this facilitate the search for the right picture for a post on social media or a new article, it also ensures the material is properly formatted, approved for use and has the right dimensions and resolution.

Adjust the image bank to your company’s needs

The above is only the most basic thing you could do with an image bank. Depending on your enterprise’s needs and desires, you might easily expand on and even automate it. Why not add tags to your photographs, for example, enabling you to search them for exactly the elements you need? Or create an online environment for your customers to upload their own images, immediately consenting that they can be shared and used according to privacy laws? With the right programming, you can even let the image bank make suggestions.

We have the experience to help you

At Vuurwerk we have created several image banks for various organizations. Big ones too—image banks for companies seeking to fill them with thousands of photographs made by clients. That means we have the experience to help you out too! Contact us here to see which type of image bank would suit your company best.

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Imagebank in practice

A company collection of photos and corporate identity elements—to be used on website, social media and printed matter—can quickly grow out of control. Mutual insurer EOC recognized this growing pain and asked Vuurwerk to develop a solution: the image bank.


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