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Using storytelling in your organization

Storytelling is a powerful tool for spreading your message both internally and externally.

Telling a story and listening to one are deeply human experiences. They form the basis of our ideas, desires and worldview. Even companies can employ their awesome power: stories establish an emotional connection, make complex information easy to digest, strengthen your brand identity and increase both your credibility and reach.

All-in on stories, in other words, but how? At Vuurwerk we specialize in telling inspiring, exciting stories for and about our clients. Let us first look at the question why a company should use storytelling, though—aimed both at your own employees and the outside world.

Storytelling within your organization

Tell the story of your enterprise, your history, your culture or your values—to employees, stakeholders and allies alike.

  1. Strengthen internal culture: with storytelling you can put your strategic goals, mission and vision meaningfully into words. Stories have emotional impact! This has the power to strengthen your corporate culture by creating a sense of community.
  2. Improve communication: explain complex ideas and concepts in a clear, interesting way by capturing their essence in the right story. This may improve communication between employees, allowing them to better understand one another and cooperate more effectively.
  3. More engagement: by involving employees in telling your story, they will feel closer to the organization and the work they do. Their productivity increases and collaborations improve in quality, because it’s clear to them how their work fits in the grand scheme of things. Storytelling can also help stimulate creativity and innovation by sharing examples of successful earlier projects.

Storytelling aimed at the outside world

Tell the world your company’s story, make yourself known and create a loyal audience.

  1. Brand identity: by telling the right story, your brand will come alive in the public’s imagination. The unique character of your organization, your values, your mission. No matter how complex your message is, storytelling will make it accessible. This not only creates recognition, it also sets you apart from competitors.
  2. Engagement: a story that touches people’s hearts leads to greater involvement with your organization and its goals. This is an emotional connection, since people remember stories better than facts and figures. And should you go viral, things will go even faster. Good stories have the power to spread themselves as fans pick them up and share them.
  3. Trustworthiness: storytelling enables an organization to share its expertise and experience in a way that inspires confidence in the audience. Authenticity plays a big role in this—a good story also tackles the challenges and how they will be overcome. Stories based on real experiences and events increase an organization’s credibility.

Which stories does your company have to tell

Vuurwerk is highly experienced at storytelling. Let us find the right idea or thread to tell your story to both employees and customers.
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