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The 10 elements of a modern marketing plan

You probably saw them on our homepage: the ten elements that constitute a modern marketing plan. The benefits of having one? More traffic to your site, more requests for quotes and more people signing up for your newsletter. Everything you need to scale up your business—and we at Vuurwerk will gladly help you along with that.

In this series of articles we take a deeper dive into each of the ten elements or steps. So follow the links and increase your knowledge about writing a fantastic marketing plan. Feeling slightly overwhelmed by all of this? Let us as a branding, storytelling and marketing agency take the lead for you.

1. Marketing strategy

Everything starts with determining the strategy. This is made up in part by your company’s mission, vision and core values. By detailing these, you create focus for the marketing of all your (soon to be) products, services and marketing tools.
Read more about marketing strategy.

2. Corporate identity

This often leads first and foremost to the development of a corporate identity. This should reflect your company’s personality, which in turn inspires trust in customers and emphasizes the professionality of your enterprise. To achieve this we frequently write a “branding guideline” that clearly communicates all the little rules.
Read more about corporate identity.

3. Storytelling

What is your company’s story, your history, your culture? By using storytelling you communicate what you stand for. It is an effective way of creating engagement and strengthening your brand, both internally for employees as externally for the public. Read more about storytelling.

4. Website

Your company website is by far your most important calling card: everyone curious about you will visit it at one point. How to draw the right crowd to your site and retain their interest is another matter altogether. It takes a grand effort to develop a perfect site!
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5. Content strategy

Content is the daily bread of your communication to customers and followers. But how do you rise above the noise and bustle on the internet? With the right, inspiring content and campaigns (targeted at your core audience) you will draw attention to yourself—especially if you follow a meticulous, targeted strategy.
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6. Content subscription

Ticked all of the above boxes? That’s when you will want to remind your customers, fans and target audience of your existence. Seeing how much time and energy this will take, outsourcing the development and distribution of content might be a good move. With a Vuurwerk content subscription we will make and keep your website and channels relevant by continuously posting news, blogs, tips and customer experiences. This is how you grow brand recognition.
Read more about content subscriptions.

7. Lead generation

Now begins the process of finetuning. Online tools such as Google Analytics and Goodle Ads enable you to see and analyze the flow of visitors. That way, you can pinpoint which campaigns are successful and which require more work. Getting this right is key in the rapidly moving world of online marketing.
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8. PR-plan

Making the news with your campaign: mission impossible? Not if you develop a solid PR plan. This describes your company’s PR strategy and enables you to communicate consistently with your target audience. “Link building”, articles on other sites referring back to you to build a presence on the internet, is part of this.
Read more about PR plans.

9. Marketing mix

Then it’s high time to choose a smart marketing mix, making the most of your budget. Doing this, you’ll sell more products and increase your brand’s profile. From radio to direct mail, from Google Ads to YouTube: we overlook no option in marketing your company.
Read more about a marketing mix.

10. Image bank

Having gone through all of the above steps, you’ve probably ended up with a computer filled with corporate visuals, photos, illustrations and videos. Collections like these tend to become difficult to navigate. This is where an image bank comes in handy, to manage your visuals and create order out of chaos. Read more about image banks.

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Marketing strategy

Everything starts with formulating the strategy. This includes, among other things, your company’s mission, vision, and core values. By defining these, you ensure focus around marketing all the products, services, and marketing tools you have or will develop.


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Corporate identity

A strong corporate identity ensures that your enterprise is immediately recognizable to the customer. That one powerful logo, the design of your website, the use of fonts: everything plays a role. After all, you can only make a first impression once.


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What is the story of your organization, its history, its culture? By using storytelling, you convey what you stand for. This is an effective way to create engagement and strengthen your branding, both internally towards your employees and externally towards your audience.