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How to create a great website?

A website is your calling card, online office and showroom all at once.

We don’t need to explain the importance of having a good website, right? It serves as your calling card to the rest of the world, the first place people visit to find information on you. How do you attract customers to it, however, and how do you guide them the right way and maintain their attention?

This is where experience and expertise come in handy. At Vuurwerk we employ an arsenal of tools to build, maintain and measure the perfect site. Take a small peek at our method:

Build a website that fits your company

Your home on the world wide web can be constructed in many ways. Will you use a pre-made template on WordPress or a totally novel design programmed especially for you? Are you looking for a grand portfolio or a one-pager? Everything is possible, as long as the user experience stays front and center: fast loading times, functional on both monitor and mobile, and with a powerful design. To make the most of the latter, it is best to have a strong and unique corporate identity to work from. Needless to say, your website should reflect who you are first and foremost.


What should you put on your website, and what most certainly not? If you have something to sell, a webshop is an easy pick, and texts and discounts to funnel visitors to it. Would you like a blog with articles and news? Or a corporate video or advertisement? Content isn’t a goal in and of itself, but a means to achieve your goals (which you have of course detailed in your content strategy! Sometimes it is better to keep things simple, preferring one core message over a glut of signals and noise cancelling each other out.

Everything is measurable

Do you go in blind or will you measure what visitors actually do on your website? The more you learn about their behavior (within the parameters of privacy laws), the better you can play to their needs and desires. Google Analytics is an unmissable tool for this. It allows us to trace where visitors are coming from, how long they stay on which page and much more. Read all about it here.


The site that ran so well last year, can suddenly start to rattle today. The internet develops at lightning speed: not just the technology running the world wide web, but the audience’s preferences too. As an enterprise you would be wise to respond to this. We can regularly check which parts require replacing for you. Could your site be even quicker and better? Does your message, type of content or publishing schedule need adjustments? Keeping an eye on these matter might just mean staying ahead of the competition.

Need a new website?

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Content is the daily bread of your communication to customers and followers. But how do you ensure that you stand out amidst the noise and clutter on the internet? With the right strategy for inspiring content and campaigns (targeted towards your audience!), you capture attention.


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Content subscription

Once you have the above points in order? Then it is important to constantly remind your customers, fans and target group that you exist. This requires quite a lot of time and energy, so it can be smart to outsource the development and distribution of your content.