blog inbound man met aantrekkingskracht
blog inbound man met aantrekkingskracht

Inbound marketing: let the customers come to you

Do you switch off the radio when the advertisements start? And do you browse with a plug-in that blocks ads? You’re not alone. Ad fatigue points to a weakness in traditional marketing: in order to rise above the noise, companies are forced to make their messages louder and more in-your-face. Consumers rightly perceive this as annoying. Fortunately, there’s another way.

What inbound marketing is all about

Inbound marketing is almost the opposite of the aforementioned examples. Instead of invasive ads, spam and unsolicited calls trying to intrude into people’s lives, it employs ways to encourage the audience to seek out your company on their own. Sound too good to be true? Here’s how inbound marketing works:

  • Build long-lasting relationships with potential customers
  • Share knowledge and entertain people
  • Position your company as a reliable authority in certain areas
  • Thereby enticing your target audience to engage with your products and services

How does content marketing fit into this?

If you read the blog on our site, you’ve probably heard about content marketing and might have noticed its resemblance to inbound marketing. You’d be correct! Content marketing is a methodology for generating and distributing content to “activate” a target audience. Think interesting blog posts, informative videos, helpful guides and other valuable content that people willingly want to read, watch or share. That means it’s one of the tools in the inbound marketing toolkit. Inbound marketing itself operates on a higher level, exploring how to entice customers to visit your website, store or office. One is a part of the other.

The Perfect Message for Your Customers 👌
How do you write the perfect message for your customers?
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The advantages of inbound marketing

Other strategies you can use alongside content marketing are search engine optimization (SEO) and maximizing the use of social media to draw people to your website. Now what does all of this yield compared to traditional marketing? First and foremost, cost savings, as these methods are much cheaper to implement than a television ad. Content marketing is also more sustainable. It remains relevant for longer periods, allowing your audience to grow organically. Thirdly, you can take a more targeted approach. With an advertising campaign, you’re sometimes shooting in the dark, whereas content you can tailor to specific needs, interests, and issues. This way, you can create value for the customer without it costing you a fortune.

Real-life examples

Now that you have an idea of what inbound marketing is, let’s look at some success stories from real life. Here are three examples of companies that have embraced the power of inbound marketing:

  1. Blendtec – This kitchen appliance company went viral a few years ago with their “Will it blend?” videos. They created videos in which they put various objects in their blenders, from iPhones to golf balls. These videos were hugely popular and made people want to try their blenders.
  2. HubSpot – As an inbound marketing company, HubSpot naturally employs its own strategy. Their tactic is to offer valuable content such as e-books and guides in exchange for contact information, which has helped them build a massive customer base.
  3. Airbnb – Although this company is now viewed less favorably than before, it’s still interesting to see how Airbnb (a platform for sharing accommodations) started out. As a small start-up, they used content marketing to inspire people and show them how to rent out their spaces. They did this through visually appealing blog posts and a user-friendly website.

The inbound marketing experts from Arnhem

Curious about what inbound marketing can do for your company? Then Vuurwerk is the right partner for you. We’re experts in creating engaging content, optimizing your online presence and attracting the right audience. Contact us today and discover how we can help your business grow.

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