tekstschrijver kijkt verbaasd over het resultaat dat uit zijn computer komt.
tekstschrijver kijkt verbaasd over het resultaat dat uit zijn computer komt.

Could ChatGPT take over a copywriter’s work?

Recently, the development of artificial intelligence (AI) has progressed in leaps and bounds, fueled by tech corporations in the US. Their apps, like ChatGPT, are currently able to generate detailed (though still imperfect) texts that look quite decent at first glance. Is this the end of the human copywriter?

5 advantages of a copywriter

Although ChatGPT is an advanced language model capable of producing text at request, it still has its limitations. Here are some of the advantages of a human copywriter, compared to an AI:

  1. Creativity and originality: A human copywriter is able to be creative and original. ChatGPT, on the other hand, is a language model trained with existing texts, which limits its ability to generate new ideas and original phrasing.
  2. Tone of voice: A good copywriter is able to adjust the tone of a text to the target audience. ChatGPT doesn’t have that ability, because it only works on the basis of the input it receives.
  3. Context and understanding: A human copywriter is able to understand the context of any given text and adjust accordingly, while ChatGPT doesn’t always understand what it is writing, possibly even generating incorrect information.
  4. Personal contact: A client is able to have personal contact with a copywriter to discuss specific wishes and demands for their text. ChatGPT works fully automated.
  5. Editing and revisions: A human copywriter can redact and revise their own work, and judge and edit the work of others. ChatGPT doesn’t have this capacity to critique others and can’t edit.

The computer speaks

Don’t take this from us, however, take from the AI itself! The above answers were generated by ChatGPT. Now, it is possible, of course, that the program is telling us what we want to hear instead of the truth—it is raised on human ideas and culture, after all. It is equally possible that future versions of these apps will resolve their current flaws. Especially when we remember that the outspoken goal of the companies pushing this technology is to create a “general artificial intelligence”, able to think and reason like a human.

We are not there yet. What is currently more interesting to consider for us is how we might be able to use the AI’s (imperfect) results to improve our own work as professional copywriters.

Let ChatGPT do the research

Part of a copywriter’s work is doing research. In order to do this, we use many sources: from Wikipedia to interviewing specialists. Google is an oft-used gateway to this knowledge—and this is where an app like ChatGPT actually makes things easier. The program is able to gather information from online sources and put it together coherently. It “cites” this knowledge, as it were; preselects it. That makes things much easier for our research (although we should check that the information is correct, as there are many examples of the app providing dodgy information).

Easier writing and redacting

Writing a text is much easier when there is already a “first draft” committed to paper. That creates a sense of overview which makes it simpler to see what works and what needs adjustment. ChatGPT is able to generate basic texts like these, which we can then edit and refine using our own insight and craft. This combines the best of both worlds.

Let AI give you a creative boost

And sometimes it simply inspires new ideas. Creativity can be a mysterious process, requiring lots of input. By letting ChatGPT write a text, something might suddenly click into place. By the way, this works even better with AI that generates images: Midjourney and DALL-E for instance. Visual input stimulates the senses even better than words.

We think AI will eventually replace part of human copywriting—at least when it comes to simple, non-literary texts. There is nothing wrong with that. In fact, by embracing this technology, we’re able to provide better service to our clients!
Here at Vuurwerk we see it therefore as a useful addition to the copywriter’s work and a new tool in our toolbox.

ChatGPT voor your company

If you are interested in discovering the benefits of ChatGPT for your company, contact us now to schedule a presentation.
We will discuss how you can use the technology to improve your communication and discover new opportunities to grow your business.

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