waarde huisstijl in beeld
waarde huisstijl in beeld

The value of a good Corporate Identity

Twenty years ago, developing a corporate identity required some pretty impressive technical skills. Nowadays this process is a lot more accessible: instead of operating a silkscreen printer, a few clicks in Photoshop will get you far. Has this made the graphic designer superfluous?


A joke, of course: everyone will intuit that it is not that simple at all to design a proper corporate identity. The digital leap forward may have simplified the technical aspect of the job—but certainly not the required eye for design and color and flair. If anything, the endless possibilities have made things more difficult in some ways. After all, if everything is possible, then what is the right choice? Hiring a professional corporate identity designer is as relevant as ever.

The DNA within a corporate identity

Equally clear to every entrepreneur or organization will be the value of a powerful corporate identity. One carrying within itself the company’s DNA, reflected in the logo, the design, the color palette… Whether someone encounters it on Instagram or LinkedIn: it needs to show right away what you stand for. Formal or relaxed? Local or worldwide? The right corporate identity creates an expectation, which you can then fulfill by showing your organization from its strongest side.

logo ontwerp huisstijl NNPC

The right logo

Maritime insurer NNPC’s new logo is a good example of how such a thing can tell the whole story: a globe encircled by a compass. NNPC’s slogan is “Worldwide. Always near.”, a message that is consciously evoked here. With a compass you always find your way, wherever you are. The imagery also fits the maritime scene the company operates in. An additional bonus: circular logos work well on social media, where user avatars are more often than not placed in a circle. Stationary has long since ceased being the core of any corporate identity!

New coat

So, has your corporate identity started to feel a little ragged around the edges?
Perhaps it’s time for something new. Let us as professional graphic designers take a look at it!

Successful branding is all about imagination 💡
Successful branding is not just about creating an attractive logo and visual identity. It goes much deeper than that.

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