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The maritime world within reach

Is it possible for a P&I Club in tiny Netherlands to operate on a global level? NNPC proves it. The maritime world knows no borders, after all, something which not only requires an insurer that is always around, but also a website that functions as a powerful search engine and resource when it matters most.

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Design philosophy

The Noord Nederlandsche P&I Club website, developed by Vuurwerk, is designed with a specific philosophy in mind. From the outset, it was clear it would have to follow the client’s core values and corporate identity, but what to put on its front page? Where the standard solution would be to give an overview of the company’s services, or a marketing message, for NNPC it was much more important to get to the essence right away.

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That is why, directly below the impressive video images of a container ship at sea, the site opens with a search function, allowing members to find relevant ships and correspondents. When the stakes are this high, there is no time to lose.

Worldwide network

Behind this seemingly simple search function hides a gigantic database of contacts and information from the shared network of P&I Clubs, which NNPC is part of. The site whisks you across the globe in the blink of an eye, from port to port and over all the seas, in locating that one ship in the Pacific, the desired liability expert in Bangladesh or the right lawyer on the Antilles. Complete with all relevant contact information needed to take action.

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Although NNPC is anchored in the Netherlands as an organization, the global focus demands an approach in several languages. With one press of the button, visitors can switch between between Dutch, English and German. That means not every language is covered, but the majority of our members are, and with English as lingua franca, accessibility is guaranteed. From 2022 on, the site is expanded with a member portal, further increasing its usefulness.

Fresh eyes

Needless to say, it also offers information on NNPC’s various insurance services and history. Still, that turned out not to be the main ingredient during the site’s development—the surprising outcome of the cooperation between the P&I Club and Vuurwerk was that the network should be front and center. Curious which design choices could strengthen your organization’s website? Feel free to contact us here.

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