Blije vuurwerk klant en grafisch ontwerper aan tafel
Blije vuurwerk klant en grafisch ontwerper aan tafel

Why should you hire a graphic designer in this day and age?

A logo, design, company colors: every organization has them. To save costs, it can be tempting to create these by yourself or have them made by a nephew in his attic. Here’s why hiring a professional graphic designer is still the smart thing to do.

Common mistakes in logo design

Take for instance the design of your logo, which might just be the most important part of your visual identity. It is all too easy to make common mistakes, such as:

  • Trying to do it all, resulting in a messy design without a strong identity, ‘too many messages’.
  • Fitting in tiny details in the design, reducing the logo’s legibility from a distance or at smaller sizes.
  • Not having a clear idea where your logo will be used: on a giant billboard, calling card, social media?
  • No eye for fundamental design principles.

Designing an effective logo is about more than just knowing how to use design software. It requires a strong understanding of color theory, typography, composition and visual hierarchy. That is exactly what a graphic designer brings to the table: the creativity, experience and intuition to design a logo that is visually stunning and at the same time communicates your company’s core values.

Technical know-how

Despite all of this, technology absolutely plays a part! An expert will have access to the advanced software and tools necessary for creating a strong logo and visual identity. Access and the skills to use these effectively.

Thinking ahead

A professional graphic designer will take you on a creative journey. They are a trusted companion willing to think along strategically. Because your visual identity doesn’t stop with a logo. It is only the start of developing a consistent and coherent brand image for your company—with for instance a color palette, fonts, shapes and illustrations. For that reason, a professional will listen carefully to your story and ask questions. They will create support within the organization and think ahead several steps. As a company grows and evolves, so does your identity change with it. That makes design not a one-time exercise, but a continuous development.


Lastly, an oft-neglected aspect of graphic design is security. As the corporate world becomes more international and it is easier to get in each other’s way (competition, takeovers, online accounts), so the risk of legal issues grows. For instance, when someone takes a brand name or logo similar to yours. A good designer will help protect your company’s intellectual property, by registering your logo at the relevant offices and ensuring it is both unique and not competing with existing brands.

The graphic designers of Vuurwerk

To sum it up, designing an effective logo and the accompanying visual identity is a complex task requiring expertise, experience and creativity. For those reasons it is wise to call in a professional graphic designer who will get it right on the first try. Looking for an expert in this area? Contact Vuurwerk and we’ll pull up our graphic sleeves for you.

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