blog over huisstijl als een visuele magneet
blog over huisstijl als een visuele magneet

Your brand identity is a visual magnet

Are you thinking of developing a new brand identity for your business? Do you want to make a lasting impression on your customers and stand out in the sea of competitors? In this article, we will show you how to achieve exactly that.

The importance of a powerful corporate identity

Imagine: you’re riding on the highway and spot a pair of golden arches in the distance. You know right away that there’s a McDonald’s restaurant at the next exit. This is the power of an unforgettable brand identity. It goes beyond just having a good logo, in case you’re thinking that’s the end of it. No, we’re talking about the totality of a brand’s visual appearance. Your website’s design, the colors and fonts you use, even the words that open your newsletter or message on Facebook. It’s the first impression you make and as they say, you only get one chance at it.

The power of recognition

The trick to a good brand identity is recognizability. This ensures that even when people catch just a glimpse or detail of it, they’ll still know who they’re dealing with. This identification matters. Think for instance of the white and yellow colors of the Dutch Jumbo supermarkets. Instantly recognizable, even when you see just a flash of it. By consistently using those design elements, over the years, you create a “visual magnet” that attracts passersby and turns them into loyal customers. It makes you stand out from the crowd of competitors with less powerful corporate identities.

Inbound Marketing: Let Customers Come to You 📢

Do you turn off the car radio when noisy commercials come on?
Inbound marketing is the reverse approach: stop pushing and start enticing!

Consistently the right brand identity

By maintaining the same logos, color palettes and fonts across a longer period of time, you will become a steady factor in the lives of your customers. This creates a feeling of reliability and stability. It also shows professionalism, creating a sense that your company is coherent and competent. Read more about how we help organizations find the right logo and brand identity .

Write it down!

To commit your brand identity to paper, you need a few things. First, of course, a well-developed visual style. For that you ideally call in a professional design bureau like Vuurwerk. Firms like us have the necessary expertise to get the best possible results. However, a design is just step one. To apply this newly minted brand identity consistently (there it is again!), the smart thing to do is to create a practical manual with guidelines. This contains everything on how to apply your logo, which frames and colors to use in which situations, etcetera. This ensures your employees will know what to do at all times. Without a manual, you’ll notice your brand identity quickly loses coherence as everyone starts using it willy-nilly.

The first step

Are you still at the beginning of this process and unsure how to proceed? Developing your brand or corporate identity starts with knowing yourself. Understanding your company’s core values, mission and vision. This is the foundation. Whether you’re a law firm seeking a serious and subdued presence or a trendy online clothing store aiming to have people make purchasing decisions; your identity needs to closely match who you are.

Step two? Get us involved. Together we will start the work to massively increase the appeal of your brand with an identity that works like a visual magnet. Are you ready to leave an incredible first impression?

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