Kracht van Brandguide en merkrichtlijnen
Kracht van Brandguide en merkrichtlijnen

How to put your brand on paper?

There comes a time when you have everything set up for your company: a logo, the language on your website and social media, the images and animations that’ll draw in customers. Question: is all of this written down somewhere, or do these “brand guidelines” only exist in the heads of you and your employees? To keep them in focus, it is highly recommended to record them into a document.

Generally speaking, guidelines likes these come in two variants: one concerning your company’s images and one concerning the language. These documents precisely detail the ways to use them. In which circumstances should you use that one logo variant, how formal should your communication be, and when to employ that specific design element?

Brand guidelines on every level

This results in a document filled with practical advice. Depending on your needs it might skew towards general usage, like the correct application of the logo or corporate identity colors, or highly specific details, such as how to spell out numbers or which terms work best for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). For this reason, a guideline is never universal, but rather something we specify to your company. That alone guarantees you will get the most out of it and achieve consistency in the way your company presents itself.

Successful branding is all about imagination 💡
Successful branding is not just about creating an attractive logo and visual identity. It goes much deeper than that.

“How did we do this?”

However, a branding guideline is more than just a list of design agreements. It functions as a strategic document too. One that reflects your company’s strengths and helps you set yourself apart from competitors. What are your core values, the promises you make to your customers, what do you stand for and can you concisely put this into words? These are big but important questions, ones we help put into focus. Putting this to paper increases the power of your branding.

Keep your branding clear

Is your company currently either:

  • Still developing its branding or language and would this process benefit from an expert opinion?
  • Or is your branding already in use, but do you feel it isn’t used consistently or to its greatest effect?

Call Vuurwerk to help you develop a guideline for your images, language or both.

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