Betrokkenheid bij sociale media posts

How to increase engagement on social media

The concept of engagement is of the utmost importance to any organization. For instance, the engagement your audience feels towards your company or brand. It is a factor in all…
tekstschrijver kijkt verbaasd over het resultaat dat uit zijn computer komt.

Could ChatGPT take over a copywriter’s work?

Recently, the development of artificial intelligence (AI) has progressed in leaps and bounds, fueled by tech corporations in the US. Their apps, like ChatGPT, are currently able to generate detailed…
Blogbeeld van dame met loep kijkend naar resultaten website analytics

Analytics: Numbers tell the tale

The most important things happening on your website are out of view. Where do the visitors come from, who are they, what are they clicking on? This is important knowledge…
content meten is weten

To measure is to know on social media

From zero to one hundred thousand enthusiastic followers in six months: how to pull that off? Haphazardly posting on social media won’t get you there anymore. Smart entrepreneurs reach for…
contentmarketing gezichten

The many faces of content marketing

Content marketing means creating “content” that ensures you reach people. How will you get your audience to notice your message or product? How do you engage and interact with them?…