beter communiceren tips voor betere communicatie met klanten
beter communiceren tips voor betere communicatie met klanten

15 tips for improving communication with your customers

We probably don’t have to explain to you why it’s important to communicate well with your customers—whether it’s a personal phone call, a message on social media or in a newsletter. In this blog you will find fifteen practical tips to improve your communication.

1. Personalize communication: In case you have customer data, use this to personalize your communication. A personal touch strengthens the relation.

2. Be clear: Keep your communication clear and concise. Avoid jargon and complicated language your customers may not understand. Bear in mind that not everyone has the same reading skills. Short sentences without excessive use of commas are often advisable.

3. Communicate on multiple channels: Spread your message far and wide across more than one communication channel, such as e-mail, telephone, chat and social media. This way, customers can choose which channel works best for them.

4. Active listening: Take the time to listen carefully to your customers. Understand their needs, concerns and feedback before you respond.

5. Show understanding: Show understanding and empathy for your clients’ situation, even when they come bearing complaints. This creates a positive connection and demonstrates you care for their wellbeing.

6. Modulate your tone of voice: Based on the nature of the interaction, tweak your tone. Even within the confines of a “brand image” you often have the liberty to switch between formal, friendly or reassuring. Feeling this out is a matter of experience, especially online where there’s only text to go on.

7. Give clear instructions: When customers need help, offer them step-by-step, clear instructions. Don’t hesitate to make a list of bullet points.

8. Offer solutions: Provide solutions to problems. Customers value a practical, goal-oriented approach.

9. Respond swiftly: Always try to respond quickly to questions and requests. Show you value their time and know how to get things done.

10. Be transparent: In case of problems, be honest and transparent about the situation. Customers value openness and you’ll see they will likely be prepared to think along. This works in both directions!

11. Avoid conflicts: When a customer is dissatisfied, always stay professional and courteous. Try to avoid escalating a conflict and search for ways to resolve the issue.

12. Show appreciation: Let your clients know you value their attention and communication.

13. Give thanks for feedback: Ask for feedback and thank customers for their input. This shows you value their opinion.

14. Send a follow-up: After resolving a problem or request, feel free to send a message after a while to check if everything was handled to satisfaction. This demonstrates engagement and shows the customer they matter to you.

15. Stay professional: No matter the situation, stay professional and respectful in your communication. Even when things get heated and you think the customer is being unreasonable.

The Perfect Message for Your Customers 👌
How do you write the perfect message for your customers?
Find out more in this article, with tips on using the right tone and style.

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