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Infographics for Siegwerk

We probably don’t have to convince anyone of the utility and communication potential of infographics. Whether it’s about illustrating complex company processes, a trade innovation or a new service for your customers—infographics make it tangible.

robotisering infographic

Buckets filled with color

In the case of German ink supplier Siegwerk, the task was to visualize their work flow. The many steps from resource to final product, through specialized dispensing machines and buckets filled with color for every imaginable packaging. Throughout all this, it wasn’t just about mapping the process, but also about accurately detailing the company’s high tech infrastructure. An infographic is always an opportunity to present your best side as well.

verschillende elementen infographic

Intuitively in view

Walls of text, no matter how informative, are oftentimes difficult to parse when dealing with complex subject matters. Infographics, on the other hand, attract attention and are enjoyable to read. The come in all shapes and sizes besides. They can be single illustrations or animated as “live drawings”, which we did for instance for energy network operator Liander. With infographics, you can shape information in whatever form you desire.

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