Animations for Liander

We produced a series of animated “live drawing” videos for energy network operator Liander, effectively communicating highly complex subjects in the clearest manner possible.

Solar and wind combination

The sun rarely shines when the wind is blowing—and vice versa. Because of this, generating wind and solar power work perfectly in succession.

Temporary disconnection

The electric grid is rather “thin” in rural areas. Demand for power was historically low in these sparsely populated regions. Ever since the arrival of renewable energy, though, this is rapidly changing.

The emergency lane

Starting at January 1st 2021, Liander will use the “emergency lane” during “energy rush hour” as a way to meet the increasing demand for additional net capacity for the production of renewable energy.

Flex power

The Netherlands are seeing more and more electric cars, all of them charged through the power grid. But will it have enough capacity as electric takes over gasoline in the future?

Direct current

The Dutch power grid is constructed according to worldwide standards, namely alternating current (AC). And this system works. However, nowadays increasing numbers of appliances and illumination require a different kind of electricity: direct current (DC).

The communal battery

As profits from supplying energy back to the system will go down in the future, it is getting more attractive to store your renewably produced energy yourself. This way, you can use that energy during the day whenever you want.