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Insurer becomes “Sailing Friend”

A leap forward in brand recognition in the world of shipping and sailing—that’s what happened to Dutch mutual maritime insurer EOC. How did they do it? With their brand new content platform “The sailing friends from EOC”, brought to life by Vuurwerk.

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Accessible information on a new content platform

EOC was faced with a timeless challenge: how to reach new customers and members, how to grow? It had become obvious that more dusty “insurance talk” wouldn’t help propel them forward. That is why we developed a content platform for them, with a focus on accessible blogs for sailing enthusiasts in the Netherlands. The articles are part education, with checklists, tips for prevention and how to improve your sailing skills, part relevant stories from the maritime world: news about projects or experiences by captains and houseboat owners. Updated weekly.

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Website, social media, newsletter

The platform isn’t “just” a website with articles, social media play a crucial part too. They ensure the content spreads, while also fostering interaction with readers and members. That way, “sailing friends” creates a buzz and engagement, leading the way to a visit to EOC’s main website. The use of social media keeps it flexible: new or upcoming platforms can quickly be incorporated in the roster. Lastly, the newsletter is important too, aimed as it is at one of the three target audiences: leisure, professional or living on the water.

The value of being distinctive

For EOC, this platform has turned out to be a distinguishing factor. The articles are well-read, and a growing and positive community has sprung up around “sailing friends”. This has greatly enhanced the mutual insurer’s visibility in the Dutch maritime insurance market.

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